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Local, Reliable, Affordable.

Scaled for Your Business

We can handle all of your needs, from small business to enterprise-level solutions. We speak to all levels of experience and are ready to provide you with answers.

Focused on Customer Service

We go out of our way to provide our customers with service that can’t be found anywhere else. From billing to support, we take care of you.

Dedicated to Technology

Our data centers are Category A, PCI compliant. With advanced Smart Routing™ technology & premium bandwidth providers, we maintain 99.99% uptime.

Committed to Open Source

We have ongoing sponsorships to popular programs such as WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, and Gallery. We support great developer communities.


$50 / year

  • 100MB disk space
  • 2GB monthly bandwidth
  • 5 e-mail accounts
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$70 / year

  • 200MB disk space
  • 4GB monthly bandwidth
  • 15 e-mail accounts
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$90 / year

  • 400MB disk space
  • 6GB monthly bandwidth
  • 25 e-mail accounts
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Don’t see the plan that suits your needs?

Contact our team today and let us build a custom package that’s right for you.

Web Development

Our highly skilled and dedicated teams will meet with you and go over options designed around your specific wants and needs regarding your web presence. Contact our sales department regarding your needs.

Dedicated to Technology

Our data centers are Category A, PCI compliant. With advanced Smart Routing™ technology & premium bandwidth providers, we maintain 99.99% uptime.

PC Services

Experienced & Knowledgeable.

With over 20 years experience building, configuring and maintaining personal computers, our team can design and construct a state-of-the-technology system for you. Whether you’re playing resource-heavy video games, or you just need a computer to surf the web and do word processing, we have options available for you.

And when your computer gets sick, our highly qualified repair technicians will be able to diagnose or fix the problem for a fair price. Virus or malware removal, hardware replacement, or a fresh software installation—we can service all of your needs!

  • Security/Privacy Protection

    Let Osmond Technologies, LLC run a diagnostics test to see if you have any security gaps on your computer.

    After running the brief test we will discuss the results and answer your questions.

  • Spyware & Virus Removal

    Your identity and the condition of your computer may become compromised when spyware invades your computer. Spyware is malicious software designed to intercept and monitor the owner’s internet activity.

    Many times users are unaware of installed software invading their computer. Let us remove spyware & viruses before they cause more damage to your computer system.

    Contact our sales department regarding your needs.

  • Technical Support

    One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a computer can be troubleshooting problems that occur. Often times a simple problem turns into a nightmare and ends up ruining your weekend. If you’ve ever tried to troubleshoot a complicated computer problem over the phone you know how frustrating it can be.

    Let us put your mind at ease and quickly fix the problem for you.

    Contact our sales department regarding your needs.

  • Networking - Wireless & Wired

    If you have more than one computer, we can set up an inexpensive, yet reliable network at your home or small business. Having your computers networked allows you to easily share files, printers, music, Internet connection, and more! Networking your computers will improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Training

    So you just received your new computer, hooked it up, turned it on and asked yourself “Now what?” This is a common problem among first-time computer owners.

    We can sit down with you and show you some of the most common computer features. We will also answer any specific questions you may have in terms you can understand.

  • Optimization for the Disabled

    My name is Lucas Osmond and I am the Director of Operations for Osmond Technologies. I am a disabled individual who, for the last 25 years, has been using a computer. I have cerebral palsy and a learning disability. Working around my limitations, I have had to come up with unique ways to use a computer. A few examples are speech recognition, text-to-speech translation, magnification, and macros.

    If you or somebody you know would like the opportunity to use a computer but due to their physical limitations, feels they cannot, please contact us for assistance.

Diagnostics & Estimates


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Virus & Spyware

  • removal & repair
  • incl. diagnostic charges


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System Tune-Up

  • virus & spyware removal
  • upgrade assessment
  • disk defrag & file cleanup
  • hardware testing
  • software updates
  • OS installation / upgrade


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Hardware Upgrades

  • hardware cost not included


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Our Clients Say

Osmond Technologies is reliable, responsible, and prompt. Whatever your small business need OsmondTech will work with you to provide exactly the tools your business needs to succeed. From web hosting to design to email and cloud storage Osmond Technologies will be there to help your business.

Matt, Octave Media
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